facilities maintenance

Conveyor Systems
repair/replace belts, lace, motors, rollers, reducers, monthly preventative maintenance, fabricate roller extensions
General Carpentry
drywall/sheet rock, ceiling tile replacement, construction site cleanup, door/garage door install/repair/replacement, interior/exterior painting, carpet install, gate/fence install and repair
mig, tig and stick welding, torch cutting
vinyl lettering, interior/exterior signage, employee/safety signage

snow removal

plow trucks/skids, slicer/sanding, ice melting, slip prevention


Lawn maintenance
spring/fall cleanup, mowing, bed maintenance, pruning/trimming
Turf Maintenance
aeration, vacant lot/field clean up
Soil Cultivation
weed control, flower/shrub care, fertilization
install/repair and maintain sprinkler systems


If a project is not too complex, we may hire a designer-builder type of contractor, to make the longevity of the construction shorter.With the help of such project delivery method, we’ll be able to overlap the design and the construction part, to eliminate any kind of postponing or schedule delays… Also, while many people think that this fast-paced kind of project delivery can be led by architect only, we practiced a designer, engineer and a contractor as team leaders and it proved to be just as efficient. By using this work method, we’ll be able to complete your project much faster!

Construction Management

Construction project management is essential. We’re using the most time and iterations efficient life cycles for that.As you may know, the construction planning process has always been far from perfect… In the past, project schedules were unrealistically optimistic… That resulted in an average of 45% of work promised in a week actually being completed at a later date than its deadline dictated. This kind of protraction left subcontractors waiting for the previous task to be completed, even before the next stage of work could have proceeded further… To fix that issue, our construction bureau have implemented the Pull Planning process, coordinated with the trade contractors on a weekly basis. Pull Planning method estimates the scheduling in reverse.

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